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Gathered together to forge the future.

THEJACKPOT never backdown from emerging challenges.

We believe that failures are inevitable in answering questions, in which have never been asked before, and they merely are part of a progressive process to achieve the best solutions.

Even today, we continue to take those steps, constantly growing our knowledge and setting new goals, in pursuit of new futures to come.


In order to shift paradigm of commerce platforms, each member from various backgrounds and different expertise is constantly thinking outside of their boxes, and breaking boundaries to expand and expedite cooperation more efficiently.

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For those who still hesitate to make decisions, please remember that without trying anything, your situations most likely will stay exactly the same. However, with probable challenges come probable successes, as well. Of course along with it, come probable failures, too, but even then, you would've gained priceless experiences from them. To my life, that exact experience is what I'm gaining from THEJACKPOT Inc. When you imagine yourself 10 years later and there is a chance that you might have regrets, I strongly recommend you give yourself a shot, no matter what.

Business Partnership Lead, Unice


We have come together to address important issues that will soon be encountered.

We are solving problems with our firm philosophy.

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